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Personal Experience Speech

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Personal Experience Speech

Personal experience Speech

We had just gotten back from a very disappointing game. I don’t remember what the score was but we got buts kicked pretty good. So there are a number of us hanging around talking afterwards and we all decided that we needed to get some beer and go hangout somewhere and try and forget about the beating we had just gotten in the game earlier that night. We all chipped in and one of the guys made a beer run. When he got back we decided that it wasn’t a good idea to stick around the stadium and drink so we were trying to figure out someplace to go and chill. Then Dave chimes in that his family had just moved from their home a couple weeks earlier and the place was still empty and he still had his key. It sounded like a pretty good place to go to the rest of us so we jumped in our cars and headed on over to Dave’s old house. We pull up to the place and Dave jumps out goes and unlocks the door for us. We all get inside and start playen some music and drinking and haven a good ‘ol time. So we’re all having a pretty good time until after a while Dave, the guy whose place it was, starts throwing bottles around and trashing the place. My friends and I saw this and knew something was up so we all decided to split. After we left it wasn’t to late yet so some of us take a little joyride around town before we head home. Well, when we got back

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